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The UK’s No.1 Student Night!

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flirt! – Stars come out at night so does flirt!

about flirt!

Put your best teeth in and enjoy yourself.

flirt! & chat

Idle talk costs nothing – so get talking. Use the message board and flirt 24/7.

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flirt! events

A drink or two, a dance or three, a laugh or loads – be yourself; be anyone you want.

caught on camera

Check out the pics of flirt! nights around the country. Upload your own and laugh at the rest.


the playground

Play the game – it’s a life skill. This isn’t though: play to win or just for fun.


If you’re registered you can win stuff. It’s the taking part that counts though, obviously.

Tips for dating sites

Keep in mind that like radio, all sites claim to be number one and THE most effective, so don’t be fooled!
And please, if you are not interested or worse, not available, do not waste your time on others, singles, let’s stand together!
On the first date, is coffee meets bagel safe?
In addition, I will make a longer list of tips for dating sites as well as video guides to “cringe” your photos and your files and therefore your response rate, in future posts!
So here is a list of those I know and from my experience.
have had … and always saw that my record is on 5 of these. If a site that seems essential to you (in the best as in the worst) does not appear in my list, do not hesitate to write it in comment, I will add it to this list so that we all benefit. . And don’t forget I’m speaking from the girl’s point of view 😉

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