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The UK’s No.1 Student Night!

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about flirt

Everybody flirts (sometimes) and Unions across the land are running flirt! Nights to the undisguised delight of all who attend.

There’s always music; there’s always a drink and there are always people: students from your Union who are up for a laugh, maybe a bit of a flirt but, above all, want a great night out.

Everyone’s talking about it, they’re doing it like crazy; shouldn’t you be doing it too? Let your hair down, let yourself down (you’re amongst friends) and let the warm, frenzied glow of a flirt! Night wash over you very, very soon.

 flirt smart

picture of a girl and a boy during a flirt night

There shouldn’t be any need for a hard hat (unless someone suggests a ‘Village People Night’) and shin guards are optional, but in the spirit of ‘Safety First’, here are a few tips for safe flirting.

Don’t do anything really, really stupid. When the voice of your slightly fusty mate appears through the fog and starts twanging the strings of your conscience, stop for a moment and listen. You know it makes sense; well, not complete sense, but don’t ignore all their words of wisdom.

  • do
  • Drink loads of water and alternate booze with soft drinks.
  • Roar with laughter at every opportunity.
  • Eat before you go out or have snacks with your drink.
  • Carry a condom (or three). Safe sex is better sex.
  • Remember you’ll be wearing beer goggles so think twice
  • Pretend to be someone else if it amuses you.
  • If you arrange to meet someone after, do it in public.
  • Watch your drink and if you’re driving, get your mates to buy the soft drinks!
  • Keep your phone number to yourself if you want. Get theirs.
  • Sing if you want to, harmonies always impress.
  • Plan how you’re going to get home before you leave.
  • Have a top night out… and tell your mates
  • dont
  • Drink until you fall over. Stay standing, it’s better.
  • Roar with laughter on your own, it looks weird.
  • Eat garlic before you go out; it’s tasty but it stinks.
  • Do that ‘snorting a condom through the nose’ trick, it’s vile.
  • Forget you’ll fancy everyone by midnight; try and remain selective.
  • If you meet someone you really like, don’t do it in public
  • Accept drinks from strangers or leave your drink unattended.
  • Write your phone number on the wall in the bogs
  • Sing anything by Celine Dion or The Crazy Frog.
  • Jump into the first car you see and hope it’ll take you home.
  • Have a rubbish night out… and tell your mates

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