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We are launching an exciting new communication tool for all you avid flirt!er’s out there.flirt! promo beetle

Soon, we will be able to offer you all sorts of exciting promotions, information about forthcoming events, birthday offers, competitions and loads more- all delivered to your inbox through our brand new HTML email system.

More details will follow here, but the main thing that you need to know is that unless your contact details and communication preferences are correctly set, then we can guarantee that you won’t be receiving any emails and therefore you could well be missing out on some great deals, offers and promotions coming your way…

To change your settings, just login and then click ‘edit my account’- it’s also worth making sure that your email provider will accept our emails and the best way to do that is to put the following address into your address book enquiries@live2flirt.co.uk.

One final note… we are all at least a bit bothered about privacy, and here at live2flirt.co.uk we take the matter really seriously, therefore we guarantee that your contact details are held securely and we definitely won’t share them with anybody else. Now you can’t say fairer than that!

So what are you waiting for- get updating those details and adding us to your address books pretty sharpish- as they say around here… if you snooze, you loose!

All the best,


The flirt! team xx

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